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Voting is now open! Please note the following as you vote for your favourite blogs in each category:

  1. You do not have to vote in each category listed.
  2. You must click Vote after each group of nominees before that vote is registered.
  3. Votes are tracked so multiple entries are not counted.

You can begin voting below. Thank you for your participation in the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards.

Voting is open for a week, until 11:59pm EST on June 6, 2010. Winners will be announced as soon as possible on June 7, 2010.

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  1. Rationalchaos says:

    Thanks for adding my blog to the directory.


  3. Hi!

    GNG nice work! I was just wondering why was left out this year.

    Solomonsydelle thanks for helping her straighten those folks out.

    Pls add my blog – have been around for ages and wonder why I'm not on the list.

    Also pls add – she's the best Christian blog around through and through.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey… I just voted. Maybe you could add my blog to your directory for next year.

  5. TecknicoleurGrl says:

    Hey…I just voted. Congratulations to all the nominees. Good job, guys!

    Maybe you could add my blog to the directory:

    It's called Not Ur Usual Cup of Tea

  6. i never know when these things are on, I coulda nominated & campaigned for myself.*fist in d air* lol congrats to all the nominees (^_^)

  7. This award is a good innovation and will encourage. Obviously miss out my blog.

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  8. I have voted o! But I still cannot see my previous comment here! Amaka why now? LOL

  9. Add my Blog to the list plsss!

    Nnenna-Rose [My Sweet Dreams.]

  10. I think this is real wonderful. I have voted in each category… I believe when next we have this sort of thing, people would vote for me :)

    Well done. God bless Naija!

  11. Oh, forgot to add my blog

  12. Why isn't there any indigenous blog reporting on the progress of our local League? Many bloggers are abreast with its development, but they simply don't want to blog about the happenings.

    I'd like to make an offer to every well-meaning blogger, It's pretty simple choose a local club and blog about it and I promise to advertise your blog (including feed) on my blog and also help you with the necessary support needed to thrive in our saturated blogosphere, if you are interested or already own one contact me at, who knows you might be the recipient of the coveted Sports award next year courtesy GNG and the organising committee.

  13. Blog: Plethora: Me and my excesses

    Blog name: Neo


  14. Done! I hope i get nominated next year :) Cheers!

  15. Hi,

    This might be a silly question, but when do nominations for category B start?

    Also, could you add to your list of blogs? It's called Style House.

    Oh, and vote for Eights and Weights for the Best Health & Fitness category! :)

  16. Great concept, really I never knew there were this much niched Nigerian blogs esp. on faith and parenting.

    Do add to your directory for next year.

    Ohter blogs that are popular and conspicoursly missing here are and

  17. iToldy'aLL says:

    isn't it interesting how hard it is to choose wat to marry btw Mary 'J' Marie and most of dis naija blogs….y'all's doing great jobs. Bella Naija & notjustOk rocks!

  18. i have voted the best i know…good luck to all voted and stay blessed!

  19. samuel adeniji says:

    didnt rilly knw muc about d voting…………….

    gud luck 2 all

  20. David Aidoo says:

    am from Ghana and love ladies and Gents. am proud of my self , i love u all stay bless and live long.(00232542638827)(0542628827)

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  21. Praise Akinleye says:

    Wishing u the very best

  22. nana fatima daudu says: this is the link to my blog

  23. Hi Dear, I just discovered ur site and I want to leave the link to my blogs, Fierce Beauty ( and Coilybella (

  24. Cool site, keep it up.

  25. Wow who compiled the list? How did you manage to get all those blogs!! Even us oldies!

    Well done on compiling! WOW

  26. pls add my log

  27. Kudos!

  28. We just added two new blogs. One for charity @ and another for Literature @
    Would really be grateful if they can be added to the lovely directory you've created.

    Thanks for all the work you are doing. And lest I forget, please, when are the results of the polls coming out or did I miss something? I have been offline so long I think I am growing old – well, are we not all? Take care. S'

  29. You made certain good points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found the majority of people will agree with your blog.

  30. Follow El Sabio!

    Good music, latest music, top class Naija Music!

    Join others, no dulling…

  31. Good job. Keep it up. Will take part next year, as I got to know this late

    Please add:

    Financial Freedom Inspiration



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