The winners – 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards

During an entertaining twitter event, the winners of the 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards were announced. They are:

  1. Best Beauty Blog
  2. Best Blog by a Blogger based outside of Nigeria
  3. Best Blog by a Nigeria-based Blogger
  4. Best Book, Poetry or Writing Blog
  5. Best Collaborative or Group Blog
  6. Best Daily Read
  7. Best Designed Blog
  8. Best Entertainment Blog
  9. Best Fashion or Style Blog
  10. Best Fitness or Health Blog
  11. Best Food Blog
  12. Best Magazine or News Blog
  13. Best Music Blog
  14. Best New Blog
  15. Best Parenting Blog
  16. Best Personal Blog
  17. Best Photography Blog
  18. Best Political Blog
  19. Best Religion Blog
  20. Best Science or Technology Blog
  21. Best Sports Blog
  22. Best Student Blog
  23. Best Travel Blog
  24. Best Wedding Blog
  25. Most Controversial Blog
  26. Most Humourous Blog
  27. Most Educational Blog
  28. Most Inspiring Blog
  29. Most Unique Voice in a Blog
  30. Nigerian Blog of the Year

So…how well did the voters do with regard to picking the winners?


  1. All that keeps ringing in my head is CHUTZPAH.Hehehe…

    Well, I', happy I participated and was nominated though. Voting was fair though as you will always expect, not all results can be predicted. Its called the Chutzpah effect.

  2. glat to have won, at least one of the 6 categories my blog was noiminated. Hope to win more next year by His Grace.

  3. glad to have won, at least one of the 6 categories in which my blog was nominated. Hope to win more next year by His Grace.

  4. Dnt really think the result was fair,but its al gud! Shoutout to evry1 dat won, and to dose who did nt win, u knw u r d best!

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      The guidelines set out were followed so in that regard it's fair. Of course we all have favourites…many blogs I really like weren't even nominated! :)

  5. Great list of winners. I like this.

    I am also listing all the winners on Top Nigerian Blogs Aggregator. You can check this on


  6. is also a very good Nigerian Blog on Education and Nigerian News

  7. In the list of the winners above, i found out that some of the blogs are still on free domain name. So if any of the winners are ready to take their blogs to the next level, I am willing and ready to give them FREE custom domain name for 1 year. If any of the winners who uses a free domain name is reading this, please read… to show your interest in the FREE custom domain name for 1 year.

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      What a generous offer! Thank you! I've drafted the email to those with a free domain name…I just need an answer to one question from you. I sent it by gmail chat but maybe I'll send it by email.

  8. can u post the voting stats pls, for more credibility…. tnx

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      We had questions about this same thing last year and we'll address it in a separate post…hope you don't mind waiting a bit longer.

      One thing I can say that if someone doubts the credibility of the awards, showing the results won't convince them since they already have that doubt within them. They will question the posted results and it just goes on and on.

  9. Thanks for the award

    Really appreciated.

    Naija has a lot of talented bloggers so I know it must have been a close race.

    Thanks again

  10. Thank you for the award. It is much appreciated. Thank you again.

  11. Congrats to the winners, abeg try include Jobs blog next time. This is the best Jobs website for Nigeria Vacancies

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      Hmm…we'll have to think about that. We don't want to have more than 30 categories so if we were to add a category for Jobs, we're have to get rid of the existing ones.

  12. Great choices if you ask me.Keep it flying high and real.Here is my blog link. me please.cheers

  13. Olajide Kazeem says:

    Can u pls post the voting counts and details for more credibility, i think this blog awards tingy is so wack… Seriously..

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      I responded earlier to the voting counts question; I'll post it below. The details of the Awards can be found at this link.

      We had questions about this same thing last year and we'll address it in a separate post…hope you don't mind waiting a bit longer.

      One thing I can say that if someone doubts the credibility of the awards, showing the results won't convince them since they already have that doubt within them. They will question the posted results and it just goes on and on.

  14. hmmnn.. Nice 1.. yeah, i support that, post the voting counts.. i think its all based on frienship blogging and blogs that supports u… 234Next for best mag n news blog.. Omg!!!!!! u pips re wack mehn..

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      As explained in the schedule of the process, both the nominees and winners were determined by visitors to the site who took the time to register their email address and nominate and vote. So the winning blog in each category was the one that received the most votes.

  15. Thank you all so much. God bless

  16. You should have made the voting a poll thingy, bt any way kudos to the winner

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      Thanks for your suggestion. There are advantages and disadvantages to various processes and we're always trying to improve from one year to the next.

  17. You can read my thots here:

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      Thanks for the link, Madame Sting. I read your post and I especially appreciate the critique of the voting process, since the logistics were different from what was used last year, and in my opinion it's the most important part of the whole Awards.

      My personal opinion on some of your points:

      You won for the Best Student Blog because you had the most fans vote for you. Would you have won if you hadn't solicited a single vote? Quite possibly. Is your blog the Best Student Blog? Yes, according to the criteria that the Nigerian Blog Awards uses to determine the winners of its various categories.

      The criteria to be named a nominee were the same as the criteria to be listed on the Nigerian Blog Awards site:

      be a Nigerian or blog about Nigeria

      blog must be public

      blog must have been updated in the last six months (there is no stipulation about how many times each week/month/year the blog has to be updated)

      In addition, the nomination form mentioned that the blog had to fit the category it was nominated in. Each nominee was compared to the description of the category and a top-nominated blog that did not match the criteria of the category it was nominated for was not retained. Some categories are harder to judge than others (is blog X inspiring? Maybe to some; maybe not).

      I'm not in favour of limiting voting to bloggers alone because I think those who read blogs and comment, but don't blog themselves, play an important role in spreading the word about good blogs out there.

      Memoirs of a woman with Chutzpah? If anyone is suspicious cheating in the awards went on, they should look at the fact that she won all her categories and know that no such thing occurred.

      I have a hard time with this because the schedule of the awards explains the process and it was basically the same as last year. Both last year and this year, there was no stipulation that only bloggers or readers of blogs could vote. We encouraged people to campaign and we encouraged visitors to our nomination and voting pages to carefully consider their decision. Last year we had a blogger nominated in four Group A categories win in every category. We also had a blogger nominated in 10 categories fail to win a single one. The way the process currently is, it comes down to how well the blogger is able to engage or mobilize his or her fans.

      I like your closing point. Yes, the Awards (and the body of bloggers) have grown significantly from last year. As a result what worked last year may not work moving forward. Until this year's Awards began, we did not know the magnitude of the growth, and once a process like this has been initiated, it's not advisable to change it partway: the process was meant to run in a "most votes wins" format and that was maintained. I can't say for certain that things didn't work because I'm still trying to figure out if the problem is the new blogs that were nominated that many who have been blogging for several years were unaware of, how fans were mobilized, or some other thing that is causing concerns (or maybe it's a combination of these? Or something completely different?). The process ran as it was defined so for 2011, I'm satisfied. Personally, I am not a regular reader of the majority of the winning blogs, and several were completely new to me.

      I'm all for improving the awards from one year to the next and although we didn't implement any significant changes for this year aside from the voting process which was more secure than last year, the first post this year points to our awareness and openness to different models for nominations and voting. I appreciate your review and feel it'll definitely help us move in a good direction, so thank you for that.

      • I don't know why you had a hard time with number 4. What i was trying to say was that i don't think any cheating on you guys part took place. I hope that's what you understood from that comment. I don't have a problem that she won all her categories (if she deserved it), all i was saying was if you guys rigged the voting, then you wouldn't have made it so obvious.

        I don't have a problem that new bloggers or not knowing who the bloggers are. The highest votes worked in 2009 because not a lot of people were involved. What i have a problem with is that bloggers who are really not the best or most "anything" would win simply because they can mobilize more voters. If this was still being done for "fun" and people weren't taking the awards so seriously, then it would be fine. Obviously, this is no longer the case and people are taking this very seriously. So continuing to do it based on popularity takes away from the credibility of the awards.

        I think Myne has a good point in terms of who should qualify. That way someone who has only updated their blog 8 times this year doesn't get to win over someone who has updated 95 times simply based on being able to get people to vote for them.

        • nigerianblogawards says:

          I definitely understood that you don't think we cheated. I think the idea of whether a blog deserves to win or not is subjective, and each person will have an opinion on whether blog A is more deserving than blog B. We agree that all this growth and the seriousness with which people are taking the NBAs, combined with the shift in goal of the Awards necessitates revising the voting process and I guarantee that it'll be different in 2012 (what I can’t guarantee is whether people will like it!).

          Since the Awards will cease operating under the model of "most votes wins", quality will be emphasized. However in my opinion alone, this does not mean a blog that is updated twice a day will be considered "better" than a blog that is updated twice a month (for example). It's therefore possible that a blog updated less regularly could be nominated alongside one that is more regularly updated. (For the record, I'm not saying you said this should be the case, I'm just saying that as we work to figure out a better model, the focus will be on the quality of the blog).

  18. kudos to the winners,still new in the system,here is my link,add me.

  19. kudos to the winners,still new in the system,here is my link add me.

  20. Nigerian bloggers are really hitting it hard. Congrats to Omojuwa, Linda Ikeji…and of course Chutzpa. At we aggregate RealTime news from the best news and entertainment-centric website. if you are a blogger…better get yours listed today

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      This blog is not currently listed on our site because I'm not sure if a blog aggregator is really a blog.

  21. i haven't even heard of some blogs that won some categories. well i think i hv to mke more 'blogger' friends so they can List me as a WINNER next time…. lol (no offence)


    • nigerianblogawards says:

      We have over 800 blogs listed on this site so far and I have no idea what percentage of the total number of Nigerian blogs that is. I think it would be weirder if you knew all the nominated blogs.

      Not sure what you mean by being listed as a winner but I hope you know it was the blogs that received the most votes that won.

  22. I enjoyed voting in this contest and even found many nice blogs through it.

    Anyways, I hope you like

  23. AngryBlogger says:

    This was bullshit jor. This chutzpah babe or whatever she calls herself obviously begged all her family and friends and okada men on her street to vote for her because NO ONE credible in the blogosphere knows her.

    Even if she has a few fans they might have got her one award but all 5 and blogger of the year? Rubbish and nonsense. anyway, I choose to believe you believe the voting was fair, that she didnt screw anyone to win. LOL.

    and LindaIkeji's blog is NOT controversial. Unless you are a moron. When 'Truth Don Die' is there? again, rubbish and nonsense.

    That Kevin Dude is not even funny. All in all, rubbish and nonsense.


    • nigerianblogawards says:

      Last year we had a nominee in four categories sweep them all so I'm not surprised by this sweep.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. All I can do is direct you to the process used this year for the Awards.

    • way too funny! i like uninhibited responses jare…no space for diplomacy. nonsense and rubbish #my new by-line. LOL

  24. Congratulations to all the winners!!

    PS: organizers, please ignore the complainers, it's just bad belle for most of them.

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      Thank you for your comments. You know the devil's advocates among the commenters will say you're only saying nice things to me because you won in your category. ;)

    • you're only saying nice things cos you won in your category…LMAO!!!

  25. Thanks for organizing this GNG. I had fun voting :)

  26. Congrats ya'all!

  27. i hope to win next year…congrats to all naija bloggers.

  28. tinkerbell says:


    • nigerianblogawards says:

      Yeah…it seriously didn't win. It came down to the number of votes, alas!

  29. Congrats to all the winners. Check out my blog:

  30. I hoped ESCO would win one though..

  31. congrats to all the winners. I believe they deserved it…

  32. Congratulations to all the winners; especially to "Light Her Lamp" for having it for our category. May God bless you'll. Is been a wonderful experience. Merci.

  33. Very Open Minded Ind says:

    Men all of u complaining need to get a darn grip!! I'm EXTREMELY/TOTALLY/VERY/COMPLETELY burnt that a friend of mine who was nominated in 5 different categories didnt win even 1 award tho his blog is PRETTY AWESOME… But then again y'al have to realize its more of a popularity poll type thing… so wat if the Chutpah chick asked every tom dick and harry to vote for her, oh! did u really think shes the only 1 that did that? all they get is recognition n a badge on their sites.. I'd understand your whining if the winners were getting a whole red carpet event or a cash prize and a plaque or a glamorous trip to some place n other goodies we'd all be VERY jealous of but thats not the case so till then.. Congrats to every1 that won (posting up the stats would be nice) and yall should pop a CHILL PILL!!

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      This entry made me laugh…thanks for that!

    • "all they get is recognition and a badge on their sites"…clearly, it is not for all that blogging is a passion…

  34. I love the concept, hoping to win next time with my blog

  35. anonymous says:

    literati: satires of nigerian life didnt win. sighs, nonsense jorrrrrr

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      This is the blog that most are coming to express disappointment with the results. Hopefully things will work out better next year.

  36. M so glad won! Japh u'r wow! thumbs up

  37. Ah! Mixed feeling… Lol. Congrats to Linda Ikeji and Jennifer Erere Abayowa. (Lightherlamp!) You won again! And people Linda's blog is not controversial please… I guess this award can be improved upon, so as to make it bigger than "the number of people I know" or "the people who already know me" stuff. Kudos to the organizers!

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      Your comment about how the voting process can be improved will definitely be taken to heart; thank you.

  38. This a good development to encourage the nigerian bloggers.

    Hope to win next time

  39. This a good development to encourage the nigeria bloggers.

    Hope to win next time:

  40. New Entertainment Blog on the Block!
    Watch Ya Back(end)!

  41. Congrats to all the winners!!!!

  42. Truthsayer says:

    @Naija blog awards – thumbs up for the whole issh. But i think even after people nominate/vote a blog , you should still check the blog and the few other blogs in d category, i saw a blog on the list “Date360 Entertainment” – .. This website is a website with over 8Tabs on music,lifestyle,music e.t.c and the contents re so cool, i think the blog deserves the award of best magazine.. Also on your whole blog list, no website is more beautiful than it.. I think ya all shud just check it out.. Seriously..

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      The process will be different next year. For 2011, it would not have been fair to define a process then go against it when the results don't match what I thought they should be. The process for 2011 was that the blogs with the most votes win, so that's why one blog won over the other. Is Date 360 the best blog in your opinion, sure. Someone else with an equally valid opinion could completely disagree with you too. Whatever process is used, it must be seen as somewhat impartial and the organizer should as much as possible not get involved in my opinion…instead the organizer should be more of a coordinator.

    • Web Xpert says:

      just checked the site out …
      Not fine – use of a free template dat wasnt even customised , images arent sharp; logo is bland; shade of yellow not sexy enuff …review of site 4.5/10, and are far finer than this and use even better magazine layouts especially 360nobs

      How did win best design …smh

  43. me_me_me says:

    i know the chutzpah chick and it was just ridiculous. . . BB, Twitter, FB, practically spammed everyone under the sun to vote for her…heck! she even tagged Kim Kardarshian in a Tweet to come and vote for her! LOL!

    Big ups to Chic Therapy! Esco shoulda won, like seriously!

  44. All the best to the winners!

    Organisers – well done and wishing you all the best!

  45. This is very good. to check out list of nigerian bloggers or to list your blog. check out nigerian blog direcotry

  46. I really like some of the blogs that won like jaguda, Notjustok, Nigerian Scorpio and will try to check out the rest.

  47. I change my blog address to: update it as soon as possible.

  48. am new on the blog and will like my blog to be listed….you are doing great job. a href=


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