The Rise of the Twitter Bloggers

by happyBBB

The 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards has been our most participated one ever, maybe it’s because of the advent of twitter or the fact that a whole lot of talented people are now blogging and not afraid to say so. This year the competition is as fierce as we have ever had it.

While blogging staples like SolomonSydelle, Verastic, Rethots and Sugabelly that have always populated the awards have taken backstage this year we have had the rise of the underdogs, a lot of new bloggers have taken over with dedicated readers behind them to turn blogsville to the new set of bloggers some like to call “twitter bloggers”.

With the rise of twitter, the ending of 2010 saw a lot of  “tweeps” move to the blogging platform, while so many bloggers dropped out of the blogging race because of the “un-anonymity” that twitter presented, some deleted old blogs and started again with new ones and new blogging ids.

The list of nominees this year is fiercely overloaded with “twitter bloggers”, some old bloggers have been complaining about how hard it’s been to vote for blogs because they do not recognize the addresses or the bloggers, it’s the typical behavior of humans to fear of change and acceptance. I’ve heard some bloggers complain about how blogsville has been infested with talentless people who only care about the number of comments they get and have turned blogsville into a popularity competition stretched from twitter.

Being an old blogger myself, I’d like to dispel this attitude, and introduce you all to the concept I like to call (The open mind). Blogsville might have been a little family to us in the beginning but now let’s just look at it as having more brothers and sisters. The amount of talent and brilliance manifested from these “twitter bloggers” is so amazing you wouldn’t even believe it if you took a look.

While I agree that there are those that started blogging because the crowd was blogging, I can say that the growth that I have been exposed to in the past one year is something I feel we should all be open to. I personally follow a little over 200 bloggers, new and old alike, people who blog about a diversity of issues, politics, sports, health, relationships, personal stories, love, school, fashion, causes, and the amount of information and discussions passed around daily is amazing.

So as we start voting for our favorite blogs this year, keep an open mind, don’t vote because a name seems familiar, visit the blogs of the nominees, see for yourself what makes it special and then place a vote in the right place.

Here’s hoping our favorite blogs make the cut!!!!


  1. This is insightful and encouraging post to make things a lot easier for us bloggers (bloggers in this sense means those that are ready to sacrifice all they know).