The 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards winners!!

If you didn’t tune in for last night’s Twitter Awards show, or if you did but didn’t take note of all the names of the winning blogs, here they are for you. Congratulations to all the winners and we hope to see plenty of new blogs contending in 2013!

  1. Best Beauty Blog
    Blog about makeup or other beauty products.

  2. Best Book, Poetry, or Writing Blog
    Blog that focuses on books, poetry, or writing, in particular the blogger’s original works.

  3. Best Business, Career, or Job Blog
    Blog that focuses on any aspect of business or career, or on finding jobs.

  4. Best Cause Blog

    Blog about raising awareness for a particular cause, such as a medical condition or a political movement. This category was removed but is listed here as a placeholder.
  5. Best Collaborative or Group Blog
    Blog on any topic, written by two or more people.

  6. Best-Designed Blog
    Blog that is visually appealing. Although the design can be based on a template, it must be modified from the original template.

  7. Best Entertainment Blog
    Blog about the entertainment industry, including celebrities and gossip.

  8. Best Faith-based Blog
    Blog with a focus on religious beliefs or themes.

  9. Best Fashion or Style Blog
    Blog about fashion, fashion design, or personal style.

  10. Best Fitness or Health Blog
    Blog that focuses on healthy living, exercise, or wellness.

  11. Best Food Blog
    Blog with a focus on food, cooking, catering, or similar.

  12. Best Humour Blog
    Blog that is amusing or lighthearted in nature.

  13. Best Music Blog
    Blog that focuses on music or the music industry.

  14. Best New Blog
    Blog established in August 2011 or more recently.

  15. Best News Blog
    Blog with a focus on Nigerian news or current events.

  16. Best Parenting or Family Blog
    Blog with a strong focus on parenting, family life, or the journey to become a parent.

  17. Best Personal Blog
    Blog that focuses on the author’s experiences.

  18. Best Photography Blog
    Blog that focuses on photography and includes the blogger’s original photographs.

  19. Best Political Blog
    Blog with a strong focus on Nigerian politics.

  20. Best Relationship Blog
    Blog with a focus on romantic relationships.

  21. Best Science or Technology Blog
    Blog about science or technology, including information technology.

  22. Best Sports Blog
    Blog that focuses on Nigerians in sports, or on sports in general.

  23. Best Student Blog
    Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school.

  24. Best Topical Blog
    Blog with a clear niche that is not represented in any of the other categories.

  25. Best Tutorial Blog
    Blog that focuses on teaching its readers through the use of step-by-step instructions.

  26. Best Travel or Tourism Blog
    Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa, or elsewhere in the world.

  27. Best Wedding Blog
    Blog that cover personal preparations for a wedding, weddings in general, or industries related to weddings, such as event planning or coordinating.

  28. Nigerian Blog of the Year
    Best overall blog by a Nigerian or best blog with a strong focus on any aspect of Nigeria.


  1. Though I bagged 4 nominations, I'm so honored to have won Best New Blog(Judges Choice).
    Merci beacoup

  2. Kudos to the winners!

  3. Good selection, just keep on doing the good job. Nigerian Bloggers are proud of you.

  4. love, relationship and sex

  5. ogbonge blog is the best in that category

  6. News, sports,entertainment,beauty and of cause amebo

  7. Cool

  8. Is there no winners badge this year? Oh maybe it's a plaque, right? Nice one, GNG and the NBA team. I'm glad I won this time.

  9. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, first time around and I won somn. Fun times! I didn't even know the NBA existed until my cousin said she nominated me – Thanks Mimz and everyone else!

  10. Pls do consider my blog for next year's awards, it's Raquel Daily Blog
    Congrats to all the winners.

  11. Congrats To All The Winners, And thanks to the Organizers.

  12. Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to the organizers o. una do well.
    I sha wnt to know what the judges criteria was for choosing sha because I dunno how any relationship blog is better than the naked convos or how geebee chrinicles is beta than gist dot com and how linda ikejos gossip rubbish is 'the best blog in nigeria' . I sha dont understand, but most of the wins were deserved sha. No chuppa chops this year. LOL. Abi were the judges forming 'we dont want any body to win too much?' if is that one i get it but abeg, let us have sense, naked convos the best relationship blog in nigeria pata. at least me am sure of that one. so why the judges doing anyhow?

  13. Congrats to all the winners… looking forward to a stiffer competition next year

  14. Please do consider my blog for next year's award, it's

  15. hi, thanks for this initiative, pls consider my blogs for next year. they are love, relationship and sex ; exercise and weight loss ;
    News, sports,entertainment,beauty and of cause amebo

  16. Nice Concepts, congrats to all the winners, hope to be one of you next year. Please list my blogs

  17. Urbanvillagesquare says:

    please add my blog thank u!!

    Urban Village Square

  18. i just stumbled on this, didnt know awards were given to Nigerian Bloggers i am so Happy. Please register my blog in your site, thank you or joomiesblog

  19. congrats..really looking forward to win one of those someday.

  20. Congrats to all the Bloggers! Please add my blog to the blogroll.

  21. very innovative. pls add

  22. Congrats to all the winners. please add my fashion and beauty blog to your list-

  23. Great work @Nigeriabloggers awards…Hope to see the happy family wacks stronger!

  24. congrats to all winners especially in the travel category. pls add my blog to your list .its

  25. Congrates to those who won….i guess this shld boost other bloggers moral…

  26. kudos to the organizers
    this makes Nigerian blogs more relevant

  27. GetOutof9to5 says:

    Just discovering this site. Think i'll enjoying making my way through the list of Bloggers. While I'm at it, let me toss mine into the ring. Drop by and have a quick read.

  28. cool!!!! I've just been inspired
    add and check out my blog!!!

  29. Smoking deep stuff –

  30. AM new in the blog world, working really hard to make an impact by blogging, I pray that someday i would feature in the awards.

    The Top Notch Entertainment Gossip Blog!

  31. add my jobs Blog too

  32. congrats to the winners. name: L'queen Blog. Link:
    I would be glad if its added to the list. Thanks

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  35. Congrats All. Well deserved.

    Chini Live

  36. hmmmnn … this blog award website is gradually becoming an authority

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  38. Interesting.


  40. I am glad my blog has been listed on here, because I have taken the blogshpere by storm… I hope to scoop best new blog 2013…lol. Cos I'm here to take over from the best *winks*…….visit us at

    • nigerianblogawards says:

      I love your spirit…all the best!

      • Did I really write above?….oh dear wonders shall never end. Just got notified that someone visited my Blog through this platform and I wanted to find out what it was about….lol.
        So how come I didn’t win the Best New Blog 2013 like anticipated? Oh well….I am not new anymore, so guess I’ll win the best old Blog of 2014(HUMOUR INTENDED).
        Good job nigerianblogawards and I hope we could take this to a red carpet soon.

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    (Entertainment,fashion ,lifestyle,gossips inspirations and more…)

  43. Princess says:

    I'm very sure you people should consider this one at the end of the year for the best in Entertainment/Sports

  44. Congratulation all of them who's blogs are awarded. Next year I wish my blog will be awarded as well please if you can then voted my blog.

  45. smileandmobile says: – Jason

  46. Nice job

  47. Nice job. I tried enlisting my blog on your lists of Blogs in Nigeria, but had challenges. Please enlist my blog Inspenonline. My interest are reportage of Insurance and Pension.

  48. I’m so happy participating in voting this year buh some of the interesting blogs that I know were not nominated, blogs like Jambazedotcom http://www.jamebazedotcom, miszunshinegist, lyndre loca gist,, somkeyz entertainment, etc I’m not happy about that because I know how good they are. It’s all good; I voted for the ones I saw…