TECNO sponsors the SMARTest Blog/SMARTest Tech Blog contest

If you live in Nigeria, you’ve heard of TECNO Mobile Nigeria—TECNO, after all, was the first dual SIM mobile phone brand in Africa. TECNO Mobile’s latest offering is the TECNO Smart Family, a group of six devices that offers the options for every lifestyle, allowing you to #LiveSmart, which just happens to be slogan for these products! These impressive phones range from the M5, with its 8MP camera and a 4.5″ touchscreen to the Phantom Pad Mini, a phone/tablet (phablet) combo that features a 7″ touchscreen. Visit http://bit.ly/TECNOLiveSmart to read up on the specs of the Smart Family products.

Since we’re the Nigerian Blog Awards, we think it’s important to have a phone that allows you to easily use it to blog. All the Smart Family devices seem to fit the bill, but we especially like the Phantom AIII—with its excellent camera (13.0MP rear camera and 8.0 front-facing camera (incredible!!)), and large screen size, you’ll be able to easily create blog posts once you download the WordPress for Android or Blogger for Android app from Google Play. This phone was launched just one month ago in Lagos; learn more about it here.

SMARTest Blog/SMARTest Tech Blog contest – Sponsored by TECNO

We’ve been working with TECNO Mobile to create a special opportunity for a small group of Nigerian bloggers. The SMARTest Blog and SMARTest Tech Blog contest is simple: ten representatives from Nigerian blogs have been invited to visit TECNO’s offices in Lagos, listen to a short presentation, and then each blogger will be given one of the Smart Family products to review and keep. Bloggers will not be asked to include any specific information in their reviews, so you’ll know that what you’re reading is truly each writer’s opinion. TECNO will then evaluate the reviews and select one winner for the two categories: the best review by a tech blogger and the best review by a non-tech blogger. Both of these winners will:

  • receive a flagship product from each of TECNO’s campaigns for the next year
  • have their winning review shared on TECNO’s social media channels, giving them access to over 250,000 fans)

In addition, there may be opportunities for future brand campaigns with TECNO, and TECNO may decide to purchase ad slots on the winners’ site.

So tell us: Have you used any of TECNO’s Smart Family of products? What do you think?


  1. This is a very nice and interesting event which I must not be left out. I must partake in this event and hope to be the winner. Keep it up NBA,you people are doing a great job.

  2. I am presently using a tecno smartphone and i love it. I will love to participate in this contest and i hope to win

  3. I use Tecno D5. Pls how can i participate?

  4. Which are the invited blog/bloggers?

  5. Great opportunity for blogs like mine that showcases the minds of the average Nigerian youths to participate in something awesome… Tecno is a good brand, especially with their successful break into the android market.

  6. How can one participate in this event?

  7. i have used tecno p5 its a very wonderful phone i love everything about it and recently i also aquired a Q1 tecno smartphone i just love tecno products. reaons why i love tecno is
    1. it is a dual sim phone which lesses the use of two phones
    2. it has all social network including bbm and most of them are already included in the phone
    3. it has a cheaper data sharing capabity making it easy to browse normally without spending hundreds of megabites
    4. it has a free 8gb merory card included in it
    5. finally it is the cheapest smart phone with same quality and even better ones than other companies

  8. I am very interested in the contest, but looks like there is no much info on how to join. I run a non tech motivation blog, http://www.danieldigest.com

  9. This is a good development. Please how will the 10 tech blogs be chosen. I run a tech blog and I’m interested.

  10. This is a very good concept being sponsored by TECNO.
    Blogging has become a very good way of sharing relevant information to the like minded.
    We wish we had started running our blog sooner so that they can enter for this competition. Hopefully by the next award we will compete.

    Can we get more info on venue and how to purchase tickets to the awards

  11. Stefn Sylvester says:

    When will this be?

  12. And i am interested to join. Thank You.