Process and answers to questions we’ve received

The nominees for the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards were announced on March 23, 2015, voting began immediately and will end on April 6, 2015 at 7:59am EST.

2014 Nigerian Blog Awards – Vote now!

Here’s some more information about the process that was used to determine the nominees.

  1. Nominations were open to the public between January 12 and February 1, and everyone was welcome to nominate a blog in up to three of the available 27 categories.
  2. Once nominations closed, each nominated blog was visited by the Nigerian Blog Awards to ensure that it met the eligibility requirements and was appropriate for the category it was nominated in.
  3. A shortlist of 10 blogs per category (15 for the Best Overall Nigerian Blog category) was developed, taking into account factors which included primarily:
    • the consistency of the blogging (how often the blog was updated)
    • the level of engagement from readers (whether the blog receives comments)
    • how much of the blog is original content versus information from other sources (this took into account the fact that some blog categories rely more heavily on already existing content than others)
    • the writing quality with respect to grammar and spelling only (this was the second least important aspect)
    • the visual appeal of the blog (this was the least important aspect)

    This shortlist was sent to panelists to narrow down to five (and in one category, 10) blogs. These blogs were announced as the nominees.

  4. Voting will take place from March 23 to April 6, and the winning blog will be the one that receives the most votes—only one winner will be announced per category.
  5. Winners will be announced on Saturday, April 11, 2015 during a Twitter Awards show that will begin at 3:00pm EST (8:00pm Nigeria Time).

Now, to address questions or comments that we’ve received. First off, we encourage you to read the observations we made following the close of the nomination period.

Why wasn’t a particular blog a nominee?
Was the blog submitted as a nominee during the nomination period? This is important because the Nigerian Blog Awards does not seek out nominees for various categories—it is the responsibility of the blogger to nominate their own blog, or for fans of the blog to nominate it.

Most categories received a large number of qualified nominations and the factors outlined above were used to narrow down the nominees. While it is possible that your blog was not shortlisted, your blog may have been on the shortlist, but did not receive enough votes from the panelists to be an official nominee.

Who were these panelists?
The panelists were a subsection of the individuals who took the time to submit nominations (please see #3 above).

Why isn’t there a blog category for X?
There may not be many blogs in that category, or the category can be covered by another category. Also, in the interest of keeping the length of the Twitter Awards show to less than 3 hours, we are trying to keep the number of categories to a minimum. When we move to a live Awards show, the number of categories that will be announced live will be even fewer than the current 27 categories.

Why was my blog nominated in category X and not category Y?
Nominations were submitted by bloggers and readers of blogs; the Nigerian Blog Awards was not responsible for nominating blogs in a particular category. We simply evaluated the blogs nominated in a particular category and determined whether or not the nominated blog matched the description we provided for each category.

We disagree with the selected nominees for a category
It is unfortunate that you are dissatisfied with the nominees, but we hope that this explanation of process is useful.

This is our fifth Nigerian Blog Awards and each year we receive feedback along these lines. As you know, it is impossible to please everyone so rather than going on the defensive, we prefer to share the facts of the process and allow you to draw their own conclusions.

PS Please also see our previous blog post, Observations made following the close of the nomination period.

2014 Nigerian Blog Awards – Vote now!


  1. In the previous years, blogs had to have been in operation since March of the previous year to qualify for the best new blog category. How come that perquisite was changed this year with blogs that were started in October qualifying for best new blog.

    • For every category EXCEPT Best New Blog, there’s a requirement that the blog has been in existence for at least six months. Since the 2013 Awards began in September 2013, the blogs had to have been in existence since March 2013 (i.e. six months prior); for the current (2014) Awards which began in January 2015, the blog had to be in existence since July 2014.

      The Best New Blog category is meant to recognize a new blog started at any point in the year so it doesn’t have the same criteria for how long it has been in existence as other categories; this is not new.