Presenting the Group A category nominees

We’re happy to present the nominees for the 30 categories of Group A. Please note that the nominated blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

According to the schedule, voting begins on May 31, so if you are nominated, you have a week to charm and bribe your friends into voting for you. If you aren’t nominated, you can think of ways to sell your vote to the highest bidder, or start thinking of how to make sure you get nominated when Group B categories are revealed!

Unfortunately we did not have five blogs nominated for Best Health and Fitness Blog and Best Travel Blog categories. Let’s hope that isn’t the case next year!

The nominees:

  1. Best Beauty Blog
  2. Best Daily Read
  3. Best Designed Blog
  4. Best Entertainment Blog
  5. Best Fashion or Style Blog
  6. Best Food Blog
  7. Best Group or Collaborative Blog
  8. Best Health or Fitness Blog
  9. Best Music Blog
  10. Best New Blog
  11. Best News or Magazine Blog
  12. Best Parenting Blog
  13. Best Personal Blog
  14. Best Personal Development Blog
  15. Best Photography Blog
  16. Best Poetry Blog
  17. Best Political Blog
  18. Best Religion Blog
  19. Best Science or Technology Blog
  20. Best Student Blog
  21. Best Travel Blog
  22. Best Use of Media, including Social Media
  23. Best Use of Theme
  24. Best Writing or Book blog
  25. Most Controversial Blog
  26. Most Humourous Blog
  27. Most Inspiring Blog
  28. Most Intellectual Blog
  29. Most Unique Voice

The category of Nigerian Blog of the Year was the only category everyone was required to fill out, and as a result we received a large number of nominees. We are therefore presenting 10 nominees for this category:

  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year

Congratulations to all the nominees. If you were nominated, please grab a Nominee Banner over on the right hand side of the screen.

Don’t forget: you can start voting for your favourite blog in each category on May 31! Follow us on twitter so you know when voting opens!

(If the link isn’t clickable, it’s because there is one or two technical elements that are being worked out. Thanks!)


  1. Management/Publicity says:

    Please add Kalu Ikeagwu's Blog

    – Thanks

    Nkem O.

  2. Surprised to see that some of these great blogs are actually owned by Nigerians, I have seen quite a few of them before but most of them are new and they are great indeed

  3. You can add Joblist Nigeria to your blogroll. it is a Nigerian weblog that publish latest Jobs in Nigeria. Thanks

  4. co-signing ^^^

  5. Hello all,

    i'm suprised that my BLOG is missing in the lists above… please check out my blog and do justice accordingly.


    for creative reportage of entertainment, social and political events.


  6. im a pleasure blogger, i.e. i blog just for fun! please go to 'Diary of a Girl' and tell me what you think. thanks and God bless x

  7. Hello my name is Seye, I am traveling from the future. Oh I think I calculated October 12, 2012 and I got to 2010. Oooops

  8. Hello,

    I have always wondered about the criteria for selection in the Nigerian Blog Awards.

    In particular, I am interested in how for the Best Political Blog, a blog that has not published since September 2010 qualifies for the 2011 awards.

    Whilst I am not a self-publicist by any stretch of the imagination, I am however glad that NigerianTalks is recognised.

    Last year, I remember raising another issue about the standard and criteria for selection when Grandfather blog was considered ones that had been publishing for just 2 years and many of those consistently publishing for over 4 years and mine for over 6 did not have a look in.

    I will however commend improvements that have recognised NaijaBlog in your main categories where before you had to fudge an inclusion category to laud a very Nigerian blog, albeit written by a Englishman living in Nigeria.

    I cannot say I recognise most of the blogs being nominated so it goes without saying that mine would be not noticed by the crowd that makes up the nominations for the awards.


    Akin Akintayo

  9. Bella Naija and Linda Ikeji suppported. Those blogs are daily must read

  10. Bella naija and Linda Ikeji supported. Those blogs are daily must read

  11. Hullo, if you also add jobs blogs, the should be added

  12. Best Job Site in Nigeria


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  2. […] Let me start by saying THANK YOU to all of you who nominated this blog as Best Religion Blog. Your support and encouragement has helped to keep me going, especially as in recent times I have […]

  3. […] like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for nominating for the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards – Best Collaboration Blog and Best Political Blog. We are deeply honoured. […]