Group A categories

The list of categories for Group A is ready! Which of the following will you nominate your blog or the blog of a friend for? The more nominations a blog gets in a category, the greater the chance that blog will make it to the top 5 nominees! So, when we yell “GO!”, nominate yourself, nominate your friends and tell everyone else to do so too.

Remember: Group A categories are all about the blogs! We will focus on the blogville’s wonderful bloggers, when the Group B categories come out.

The 30 categories for Group A (blog nominations) are:

  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year
    Best overall blog
  2. Best Beauty Blog
    Blog about makeup and/or other beauty products
  3. Best Daily Read
    Blog that is updated daily or that reader checks daily for updates
  4. Best Designed Blog
    Blog with an appealing design or look
  5. Best Entertainment Blog
    Blog about entertainment and/or the entertainment industry
  6. Best Fashion or Style Blog
    Blog about fashion, fashion design or personal style
  7. Best Food Blog
    Blog with a focus on food, cooking, catering, etc.
  8. Best Group or Collaborative Blog
    Blog by two or more people
  9. Best Health or Fitness Blog
    Blog that focuses on healthy living or exercise
  10. Best Music Blog
    Blog that focuses on music and/or the music industry
  11. Best New Blog
    Blog must be less than one year old
  12. Best News or Magazine Blog
    Blog that covers Nigerian news or current events
  13. Best Parenting Blog
    Blog about parenting or the journey to become a parent
  14. Best Personal Blog
    Blog that focuses on the writer’s life or experiences
  15. Best Personal Development Blog
    Blog that focuses on improving the mind and soul
  16. Best Photography Blog
    Blog that focuses on photography or includes photographs (nominee must be the main photographer on the blog)
  17. Best Poetry Blog
    Blog that focuses on poetry (the nominee must have written the majority of the poems on the blog)
  18. Best Political Blog
    Blog about Nigerian politics and/or political issues
  19. Best Religion Blog
    Blog about faith, and/or religious beliefs
  20. Best Science or Technology Blog
    Blog about science and/or technology, including information technology
  21. Best Student Blog
    Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school
  22. Best Travel Blog
    Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere in the world
  23. Best Use of Media, including Social Media
    Use of audio and/or video, or social media such as facebook or twitter, in a blog
  24. Best Use of Theme
    Blog with a particular focus on an issue or cause not covered in the other categories
  25. Best Writing or Book blog
    Blog that focuses on writing or books
  26. Most Controversial Blog
    Blog that covers topics or matters that are controversial in nature, and/or expresses opinions in a way that is controversial
  27. Most Humourous Blog
    Blog that is funny, amusing or lighthearted
  28. Most Inspiring Blog
    Blog that regularly inspires the reader
  29. Most Intellectual Blog
    Blog with a focus on matters that are intellectual in nature, or that conveys ideas in an intellectual manner
  30. Most Unique Voice
    Blog that has a unique voice and/or style of writing

There you have it! What do you think? Did we omit a category that you were sure would be listed? Is there a category there that you don’t like? Let us know so we can do better for next year!

Check back soon to find out where you can go to nominate your favourite blogs!!!


  1. YAY!!!

    already have so many blogs in mind

  2. Meeen, this is like school assignment o!!30 questions!

    ??Do we get to present Manifesto – in true naija politics style?" lol!

    Ok, will get thinking.

  3. GRIP

  4. OK. This is cool…I guess i have to get to compiling..

    The sounding Board Of a Bizzy bee

    Life in Cartoon Motion

  5. Kool…can't wait to start nominating blogs!!!

  6. hey…u guys are forgetting me:

    Nutty J Blog

    and that of my dear friend Mena on

  7. hey…u guys are forgetting me:

    Nutty J Blog

    and that of my dear friend Mena on

  8. Hmmm… this is negbacious!

    – LDP

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  10. Mr & Mrs Okada says:


    great to see so many blogs

    We've not been blogging too long so doubt we'll be winning any awards.

    but we'd enjoy more readers so come take a look and add us to your list.

  11. I can't seem to vote, I'd try to come back.. I don't see me qualifying for any here so I better respect myself and just enjoy the contest

  12. For the best political blog about Nigeria, I nominate NIGERIAN CURIOSITY That is one blog that says it as it is. My favorite anyday.

  13. Chi Mogbo says:

    For Best Writing or Book blog I nominate:

    Nnedi's Wahala Zone Blog

  14. I nominate Nnedi Okorafor's blog:
    for "Best Writing or Book Blog."

  15. Best Writing or Book blog

    Blog that focuses on writing or books

    I say Nnedi Okorafor blog:

    and for Nigerian Blog of the year

  16. Ross Cambell says:

    Best Writing or Book Blog:

    Nnedi Okorafor at!

  17. I nominate Nnedi Okorafor’s blog:
    for “Best Writing or Book Blog.”

    I also nominate Nnedi Okorafor for Most Unique Voice

  18. Best Health and Fitness Blog

    I'm nominating :

  19. Ran into this guy's blog several times…

    for humorous…

  20. i like reading food blogs because i am always seeking for new recipes.;,:

  21. Here a tech blog for you:

  22. i love food blogs because i love to eat tasty and sweet foods;;,

  23. i maintain at least three food blogs because i really love to eat and drink;,`

  24. eating can be considered my hobby he he he. i would really love to visit foods blogs and see some recipes ~:'