Get your 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards Badge NOW!

With the awards starting in a few short days it’s about time to start displaying your support for 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards! Thanks to the Otondo blogger, designer of the blog banner, we have the following badge for you:

To display this badge on your blog, cut and paste the text below to the appropriate location on your blog or site.

If you have any difficulties making this work for you, please leave your comments below.

Thank you for your support!


  1. Hi. Please can you add my blog to the list. Here is the link


  2. Can you please add my blog to the list:

    Free Naija Lyrics

  3. Can you please add my site to the list:

    All About Naija Weddings

  4. sign me up and I will like to display the badge

  5. I will do just that even though my blog is new.

  6. Hi can you add my site to the list too. Thanks.

  7. laurenta says:

    Pls add my blog to the list


  8. laurenta says:

    Cant get the badge to show on my blog

  9. Good Naija Girl says:

    Your blogs are all listed.

    Ms Dang: your blog link is not working.

    laurenta: the badge is showing on your blog for me.

  10. Adding best tumblr blog would be a lovely idea

  11. What do I need to do to nominate my blog for Best New blog and/or Best Entertainment blog

  12. How do I nominate my blog for best Entertainmet and/or best new blog?

  13. I just added the badge to my blog and it works perfectly

  14. Please add my blog to the list


  15. Good Naija Girl says:

    And all these blogs are listed!

  16. Well done GNG… :) <3

  17. Thanks GNG and crew! I've displayed the badge on my blog.

  18. can't put up the badge on my blog…any tips..

    P.S- I use wordpress.

  19. Ive displayed the badge on my blog.

  20. pls add my blog, memoirs of a woman with chutzpah to the list.

  21. Hi, is there a higher resolution version of the blog awards logo? My sidebar is 300 pixels wide and the logo gets distorted when I increase the size to fit my side bar..


  22. Thanks For The Badge i will get mine up soon for My Blogger Blogs Directory Blog.

  23. I see my blog is already on the list. I'll put up the badge on my blog. Good work!

  24. Please add my blog to the


  25. Pls add my blog to the list! (Best new blog)

  26. Please add my unique blog, the first of its kind in Nigeria, to the list

  27. My blog is still a bit new. May I include it for the contest?

  28. Please add my blog to the list

    Deep in the world of imagination… lived reality

  29. @jude,i think its kinda late 4 dat