FAQs about the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards

As the first week of nominations comes to a close, we’ve received some questions that we’d like to answer here.

  1. Can I nominate my own blog?
    Yes, absolutely!
  2. How many of my blogs can I nominate?
    You may nominate as many of your eligible blogs as you wish (note: each blog may only be nominated for a maximum of three categories on the nomination form!).
  3. Are blogspot.com and wordpress.com blogs eligible?
  4. How many times can I submit a nomination from my email address?
    Each email address may submit one nomination form.
  5. How many nominations do I need to be considered as a nominee?
    There is no set number of nominations: we are looking for blogs that best match the description of each category, which can be found on this page or on the nomination form.
  6. What are the criteria for nomination?
    In addition to fitting the description of the category, general criteria can be found here.

    Blogs that share original content rather than copy and pasted content from other sources are preferred.

  7. How many nominees will there be per category?
    The first 26 categories will have 5 finalists each. Category 27, Best Overall Nigerian Blog, will have 10 finalists.
  8. What if none of the categories listed fit my blog?
    The Best Topical Blog category is for blogs that do not fit any of the other categories.
  9. What should I do if I don’t receive the confirmation email after submitting my nomination?
    Sorry for the inconvenience! Please email us at help@nigerianblogawards.com.
  10. When do nominations close?
    Nominations close on February 1 at 11:59pm EST (February 2 at 5:59am Nigeria Time). A full schedule (subject to change) is posted here.

If you’re ready, you can nominate blogs now by clicking below.

If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments below, or email us at help@nigerianblogawards.com. Thank you for your participation in the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards.


  1. Menh, you guys re doing a great Job. User friendly

  2. Kindly help us nominate MEDICALMATTAZ BLOG by entering our website link ‘medicalmattaz.blogspot.com’ under these two categories;


    Visit this link to make the nomination : http://nigerianblogawards.com/nominate2014.php

    Thank you. Pls, help us share this message, we need ur helps. .

  3. Thanks for clarifying.

    Now, I see why people had problems nominating more than once [with reference to #4, above]

    Thanks, again.

  4. BluntLady says:

    I just read the tentative schedule and I’m already disappointed. Its obvious this awards won’t be free and fair if you have chosen to eliminate judges/ panellist/voting this year esp now there would be one winner only. Excuse me! Does it mean blogs who are out there sharing good content won’t stand a chance of winning even when they are lucky to get nominated due to the fact that they don’t have the traffic to rally people to vote for them. I’m in support of panellist/judges voting ONLY after the nominees phase have been rounded. I see no reason why bloggers have to start rallying for voters again to make the no1 position. Eg if Linda Ikeji blog chooses to rally her readers to nominate her as the Best Educative, what chance does a blogger running a real educative blog aganist her! Bottomline is, don’t make it all about whose blog have the highest no of readers. For God’s sake, how would an upcoming blogger be encouraged to participate? NBA, Do the right thing by ensuring an impartial selection of the final winner before this award loses its credibility!

  5. Hey, nice work on the awards. So how will the finally winners be eventually picked after nominations?

  6. Final*