Review of the Group A awards

The winners in the Group A categories of the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards have been revealed and as we anticipate the second round of awards, it’s a good time to review the process that led to the presentation of the winners.

As many of you know, the awards got off to a slow start: the first entry on this blog was posted in February, but there was no further activity until May, when the process for the 2010 awards was shared. During the early days of this site, Nigerian bloggers or people who blog with a focus on Nigeria were encouraged to submit their blog. Thanks to sting and co’s work last year, we had a list of bloggers to begin with. A decision was made to only include blogs that were public and had been updated in the last six months because if your blog is private, it really does not foster that sense of community that these awards are meant to build. Also, many people who don’t use feed readers to read blogs depend on sites with listings of blogs to find blogs from fellow Nigerians. A list full of abandoned or inactive blogs is not in keeping with the currentness of the web. Therefore, if your blog is listed on the right, please note that efforts will be made to review the list monthly and remove any blogs that have not been updated in the last six months. Once you have updated your blog, you are welcome to resubmit it for listing on the site.

We received some negative feedback on the awards from individuals who felt that certain key blogs had been left out of the process. There was a nomination process (everyone had two weeks to nominate any blogs they wanted and the top five nominated blogs in each category were named the nominees) and from the number of bloggers who contacted us asking for their blog to be added to the list after the nomination process closed, it’s quite clear that the number of Nigerians blogging is far larger than many of us thought or knew! Because of this, many worthy candidates were missed (which is not to say that the nominees that were presented were not worthy; far from it!). Whether or not a blog was nominated does not reflect on the inherent value or popularity of the blog, but rather on the number of fans of the blog who a) knew about this site and b) submitted the blog as a nominee. There is no doubt that a larger number of blogs will be submitted as nominees next year, and there will be even fiercer competition to be named a nominee in each category.

And most recently there was the infamous poll that was put on the site to see whether the numerical results should be shown for the awards. It had not occurred to me to show the results because the voting process was one that I trusted and I had put all the safeguards possible with the program I was using to avoid people stuffing the ballot. I didn’t just decide to put a poll up out of boredom: the first comment on the entry announcing the winners came from a nominee who was disappointed that the numbers weren’t posted for all finalists. My initial reaction was to reply and say that numbers were not being posted but I thought I’d put up the poll and see if more of her peers felt the same way.

I was surprised by the strong opinions of commenters. In fact I thought at one point that maybe the same person was posting comments just to create drama but a quick look at IP addresses has pretty much confirmed that wasn’t the case. Just when I thinking that posting the numerical results might be ok, I received several comments, by email and in the comments, saying that revealing the results would likely lead to a slippery slope, with people wanting more and more information and questioning every aspect of the awards.

But the “Nos” won, so the results will not be published on this site. However, if you are a nominee and you would like to receive the results for your category, I will send you the screen capture by email. Send an email to from an email address recognizable as either your blog name or real name, and I’ll do what I can. I’m a bit concerned that some who want to see their results may be further disappointed by how their fared compared to their competition, but that’s part of the deal, I guess.

For those curious about the program used to manage votes, you can visit Poll Daddy. I have a basic (free) account and polls were tracked by both cookies and IP address, which prevented people from the same location using the same computer from voting (tell me if this wasn’t the case for you!). If you have any other questions about the polling system, leave them in the comments.

Back to the winners. The categories that received the highest number of votes were:

  1. Best Music Blog (946 votes)
  2. Best Fashion or Style Blog (874)
  3. Best Beauty Blog (840)
  4. Nigerian Blog of the Year (794)
  5. Best News or Magazine Blog (782)
  6. Best Daily Read (773)
  7. Best Designed Blog (755)
  8. Best Entertainment Blog (740)
  9. Best Science or Technology Blog (740)
  10. Best Food Blog (690)

Through tweets during the voting process, I tried to communicate to followers that getting your name out there will be key to winning. This is because I was able to see the results as they were coming in and there was some correlation between the bloggers who were mentioning the awards in their blogs, on twitter, or on facebook, and the categories that received the largest number of votes. While some extremely popular sites did no campaigning that I could see, their popularity served them well as fans were more than happy to vote for them.

Consistency was also key: one mention during the entire voting process was not a good strategy; appealing to your fans again and again seemed to be more effective. If you saw or know of any other strategies that could be helpful as we look to the Group B categories, please share them in the comments.

I hope you’re enjoying the awards so far. Your comments and constructive criticism is welcome: rather than saying the awards suck, tell us how we could do better. Instead of complaining about what did not work, share strategies that can prevent the mistakes and errors you see. Let’s use this as a learning experience to guarantee the 2011 awards are even better than this year’s!

And the winners are…(Group A)

We’re happy to present the winners in each of the 30 categories of Group A.

The winners:

  1. Best Beauty Blog
  2. Best Daily Read
  3. Best Designed Blog
  4. Best Entertainment Blog
  5. Best Fashion or Style Blog
  6. Best Food Blog
  7. Best Group or Collaborative Blog
  8. Best Health, Fitness or Sports Blog
  9. Best Music Blog
  10. Best New Blog
  11. Best News or Magazine Blog
  12. Best Parenting Blog
  13. Best Personal Blog
  14. Best Personal Development Blog
  15. Best Photography Blog
  16. Best Poetry Blog
  17. Best Political Blog
  18. Best Religion Blog
  19. Best Science or Technology Blog
  20. Best Student Blog
  21. Best Travel Blog
  22. Best Use of Media, including Social Media
  23. Best Use of Theme
  24. Best Writing or Book blog
  25. Most Controversial Blog
  26. Most Humourous Blog
  27. Most Inspiring Blog
  28. Most Intellectual Blog
  29. Most Unique Voice

And in the final category of Group A…

  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year

Congratulations to all the winners! If you won in your category, please leave your information below so that you can be provided with the link to your badge (please leave a valid email address; you will receive confirmation that your email was sent from “WordPress”).

[form 5 “Name and email for winners”]

The awards aren’t over yet! Remember: Group A was all about the blogs, the upcoming Group B awards are all about the bloggers. The categories for this group of nominations will be posted on June 14…don’t miss it!

No awoof, no vote

by tinuo

Eyin people mi,

A fery fery fery big, huge  burden is really pinching me this election season, eeez touching my soul gidi  gaaan. Of course you know it’s election time, and different bloggers have been asking you to vote for them but what have you been promised in return? Me I haven’t been promised anything o or have you guys been promised anything? Nobody answered me so I guess not. Aren’t potential candidates supposed to even at least promise us something, eez like they don’t know that clicking for votes is very difficult o, that in itseeef is reall eskasise (exercise).

They would all be filing our (twitter) timelines with “vote for me vote for me”, shey vote la ma je ni? (is it vote we would eat?)

Beauty bloggers have not promised to paint awa faces, or even small lipstick that we can rub on our lips or even give us fine clothes to wear after we have voted  have they?? NOOOOOO.

Music blogs nko have they said  in my hypeman voice “Y’all y’all y’alll eeez gonna be a parry hup in ere we gatt Banky W, D’banj, MI, Tuface ready to perform for you and geeezz what if you vote for us you get free music”? Have you heard all this mbaaaa!  And they expect me vote? Kooooo posssiible (it’s not possible)! I’m sure most of you are like this girl too like free thing but have you ever heard of awoof killing somebody? I guessed not.

The photographers, have they promised us free pictures, not even passport picture have they even taken of us and they want us to click? They will wait.

The food bloggers that would be putting up pictures of the food they cooked making our mouths water at work, have they promised to even send us the food?

Best science and technology blogs have they even designed a machine that would be helping us students do assignments cheiii and they want me to vote??

Ok maybe not all these things that I’m asking, some of them wouldn’t be bad though, but at least a few bags of rice and beans, crates of coke, baskets of tomatoes, credit,  won’t be bad (I have rice in my house but you know another bag won’t kill me we are still in a recession you know??)

I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you that a few things here and there from the candidates wouldn’t hurt and if they hurt please send your share if you ever get one my way.

*Voting is open until 11:59pm EST on June 6, 2010. Please vote here!

Voting is now open – Group A

Voting is now open! Please note the following as you vote for your favourite blogs in each category:

  1. You do not have to vote in each category listed.
  2. You must click Vote after each group of nominees before that vote is registered.
  3. Votes are tracked so multiple entries are not counted.

You can begin voting below. Thank you for your participation in the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards.

Voting is open for a week, until 11:59pm EST on June 6, 2010. Winners will be announced as soon as possible on June 7, 2010.

**Don’t forget to select Vote after each category!

Nominate the best health, fitness or sports blog NOW!

some of The community of bloggers have spoken and we will be renaming the category Best Health or Fitness Blog as Best Health, Fitness or Sports Blog. Nominations will be open from now until May 30, 2010 at 12:00pm EST. It’s not a lot of time because voting for all categories opens on Monday May 31 by 12:30am EST and the nominees for this modified category must have been determined so they can be presented at that time.

You can find the nomination page here.

If you’re trying to figure out which blogs to nominate, here are some suggestions. Please note that this list is not exhaustive! If you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments so I can add them to the list:

9ja Gunners
African Weight Loss Diva
Eights and Weights
Free Answers To Your Questions
Memoirs of a Gooner
Nigeria Health Watch
The Green Gooner
These Genes

Finally, please note that nominations are tracked so multiple entries will not be counted (we have our ways of finding duplicates and if multiple entries are detected, all similar entries will be removed). So please, one entry per person!

So what are you waiting for? Go nominate!


As I mentioned in my last entry, it’s a shame that we did not have enough Health and Fitness blogs to have five nominees in that category.

However, in the last few days I have been contacted by a sports blogger who was wondering why there wasn’t a category for this type of blog, and this week we have also received a number of comments from people supporting a fitness blog that had not been nominated.

My first inclination was to say that since the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards have begun, it is too late to add new categories or nominees to the process. However, this awards about the entire community, so we’d like to let you decide.

Since 30 categories is plenty, the option of creating a separate Best Sports Blog category is not one that will be considered at this time. With that in mind, please weigh in below:

This poll will be open for 24 hours so vote sooner rather than later! Please leave any questions or other comments you have below. Thank you for participating!

Presenting the Group A category nominees

We’re happy to present the nominees for the 30 categories of Group A. Please note that the nominated blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

According to the schedule, voting begins on May 31, so if you are nominated, you have a week to charm and bribe your friends into voting for you. If you aren’t nominated, you can think of ways to sell your vote to the highest bidder, or start thinking of how to make sure you get nominated when Group B categories are revealed!

Unfortunately we did not have five blogs nominated for Best Health and Fitness Blog and Best Travel Blog categories. Let’s hope that isn’t the case next year!

The nominees:

  1. Best Beauty Blog
  2. Best Daily Read
  3. Best Designed Blog
  4. Best Entertainment Blog
  5. Best Fashion or Style Blog
  6. Best Food Blog
  7. Best Group or Collaborative Blog
  8. Best Health or Fitness Blog
  9. Best Music Blog
  10. Best New Blog
  11. Best News or Magazine Blog
  12. Best Parenting Blog
  13. Best Personal Blog
  14. Best Personal Development Blog
  15. Best Photography Blog
  16. Best Poetry Blog
  17. Best Political Blog
  18. Best Religion Blog
  19. Best Science or Technology Blog
  20. Best Student Blog
  21. Best Travel Blog
  22. Best Use of Media, including Social Media
  23. Best Use of Theme
  24. Best Writing or Book blog
  25. Most Controversial Blog
  26. Most Humourous Blog
  27. Most Inspiring Blog
  28. Most Intellectual Blog
  29. Most Unique Voice

The category of Nigerian Blog of the Year was the only category everyone was required to fill out, and as a result we received a large number of nominees. We are therefore presenting 10 nominees for this category:

  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year

Congratulations to all the nominees. If you were nominated, please grab a Nominee Banner over on the right hand side of the screen.

Don’t forget: you can start voting for your favourite blog in each category on May 31! Follow us on twitter so you know when voting opens!

(If the link isn’t clickable, it’s because there is one or two technical elements that are being worked out. Thanks!)

GO!! Nominations for Group A categories now open!

To those of you who stayed up all night refreshing the blog to see when you could start nominating your favourite blogs, we apologize! But finally, we are ready to receive your nominations.

Visit the nominations page for Group A categories to start selecting blogs for each category. For a list of the categories for Group A nominations, see the previous entry.

Once you click “NOMINATE!”, you will receive a confirmation by email and also on the page…but you have to scroll up to see it!

If you encounter any problems, please leave them in the comments below. Happy nominating!

Nominations are open until May 23, 2010 at 11:59pm EST.

Group A categories

The list of categories for Group A is ready! Which of the following will you nominate your blog or the blog of a friend for? The more nominations a blog gets in a category, the greater the chance that blog will make it to the top 5 nominees! So, when we yell “GO!”, nominate yourself, nominate your friends and tell everyone else to do so too.

Remember: Group A categories are all about the blogs! We will focus on the blogville’s wonderful bloggers, when the Group B categories come out.

The 30 categories for Group A (blog nominations) are:

  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year
    Best overall blog
  2. Best Beauty Blog
    Blog about makeup and/or other beauty products
  3. Best Daily Read
    Blog that is updated daily or that reader checks daily for updates
  4. Best Designed Blog
    Blog with an appealing design or look
  5. Best Entertainment Blog
    Blog about entertainment and/or the entertainment industry
  6. Best Fashion or Style Blog
    Blog about fashion, fashion design or personal style
  7. Best Food Blog
    Blog with a focus on food, cooking, catering, etc.
  8. Best Group or Collaborative Blog
    Blog by two or more people
  9. Best Health or Fitness Blog
    Blog that focuses on healthy living or exercise
  10. Best Music Blog
    Blog that focuses on music and/or the music industry
  11. Best New Blog
    Blog must be less than one year old
  12. Best News or Magazine Blog
    Blog that covers Nigerian news or current events
  13. Best Parenting Blog
    Blog about parenting or the journey to become a parent
  14. Best Personal Blog
    Blog that focuses on the writer’s life or experiences
  15. Best Personal Development Blog
    Blog that focuses on improving the mind and soul
  16. Best Photography Blog
    Blog that focuses on photography or includes photographs (nominee must be the main photographer on the blog)
  17. Best Poetry Blog
    Blog that focuses on poetry (the nominee must have written the majority of the poems on the blog)
  18. Best Political Blog
    Blog about Nigerian politics and/or political issues
  19. Best Religion Blog
    Blog about faith, and/or religious beliefs
  20. Best Science or Technology Blog
    Blog about science and/or technology, including information technology
  21. Best Student Blog
    Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school
  22. Best Travel Blog
    Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere in the world
  23. Best Use of Media, including Social Media
    Use of audio and/or video, or social media such as facebook or twitter, in a blog
  24. Best Use of Theme
    Blog with a particular focus on an issue or cause not covered in the other categories
  25. Best Writing or Book blog
    Blog that focuses on writing or books
  26. Most Controversial Blog
    Blog that covers topics or matters that are controversial in nature, and/or expresses opinions in a way that is controversial
  27. Most Humourous Blog
    Blog that is funny, amusing or lighthearted
  28. Most Inspiring Blog
    Blog that regularly inspires the reader
  29. Most Intellectual Blog
    Blog with a focus on matters that are intellectual in nature, or that conveys ideas in an intellectual manner
  30. Most Unique Voice
    Blog that has a unique voice and/or style of writing

There you have it! What do you think? Did we omit a category that you were sure would be listed? Is there a category there that you don’t like? Let us know so we can do better for next year!

Check back soon to find out where you can go to nominate your favourite blogs!!!