Back and ready to begin!

It’s been two months since the last post but I hope you’re still with us! The second annual Nigerian Blog Awards will be launched on Monday May 10. Before we get started, let me explain how things will work:

There will be 2 groups of nominations, just like last year: Group A will be the more “serious” category, while Group B will focus on the “fun” awards. Basically, Group A will be more about the blogs, while Group B will be more about the personality of the bloggers themselves.

Here’s a (tentative) schedule for the 2010 awards. In all cases the information should be posted on this site by 12:30am US Eastern Standard Time (or 5:30am Nigerian Time):

May 10
List of Group A categories revealed. You will be directed to a form where you can nominate blogs for one or all of the categories. This phase will last for two weeks.

May 24
Group A nominees revealed.

May 31
Voting begins for Group A nominees.

June 7
Group A winners announced.

June 14
List of Group B categories revealed. Once again you will be directed to a form where you can nominate blogs for one or all of the categories and you will have two weeks for this phase.

June 28
Group B nominees revealed.

July 5
Voting begins for Group B nominees.

July 12
Group B winners announced.

So, what can you do while you’re waiting for Monday to come?

  • start campaigning! Tell everyone you know to vote for you starting at 12:00am US Eastern Standard Time (6:00am Nigeria Time) on Monday May 10.
  • grab a banner on the right to put on your blog. Just cut and paste the link under the banner that strikes your fancy, and put it on your blog. If you would like a banner that coordinates with your blog, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.
  • make sure you’re following Nigerian Blog Awards on twitter so you get notification of new entries as soon as possible
  • subscribe to receive blog entries by email or get our updates through your favourite feed reader.

The 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards are coming!

More info about the 2010 Nigerian Blog Awards will be available in the coming weeks.

In the meantime you can follow us on twitter, subscribe to our feed so you won’t miss our launch, and check out the 2009 Naija Bloggers Awards.