And the winners are…(Group A)

We’re happy to present the winners in each of the 30 categories of Group A.

The winners:

  1. Best Beauty Blog
  2. Best Daily Read
  3. Best Designed Blog
  4. Best Entertainment Blog
  5. Best Fashion or Style Blog
  6. Best Food Blog
  7. Best Group or Collaborative Blog
  8. Best Health, Fitness or Sports Blog
  9. Best Music Blog
  10. Best New Blog
  11. Best News or Magazine Blog
  12. Best Parenting Blog
  13. Best Personal Blog
  14. Best Personal Development Blog
  15. Best Photography Blog
  16. Best Poetry Blog
  17. Best Political Blog
  18. Best Religion Blog
  19. Best Science or Technology Blog
  20. Best Student Blog
  21. Best Travel Blog
  22. Best Use of Media, including Social Media
  23. Best Use of Theme
  24. Best Writing or Book blog
  25. Most Controversial Blog
  26. Most Humourous Blog
  27. Most Inspiring Blog
  28. Most Intellectual Blog
  29. Most Unique Voice

And in the final category of Group A…

  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year

Congratulations to all the winners! If you won in your category, please leave your information below so that you can be provided with the link to your badge (please leave a valid email address; you will receive confirmation that your email was sent from “WordPress”).

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The awards aren’t over yet! Remember: Group A was all about the blogs, the upcoming Group B awards are all about the bloggers. The categories for this group of nominations will be posted on June 14…don’t miss it!


  1. Thank you so much for "The Best Photography Blog Award" And congratulations to all the Naija bloggers out there…

    dangel eyez is a new fun entertainment/info blog..its a place i get to blog about everything my eyez come across. all the latest stories/gist from various aspects plus i feature talented youths as well. please check out my blog and add to your list. MuchLuv :)

  3. Kindly add my blog to the list.


    Hi All,

    My name is Bola and Seriously Doughnuts is my fab new blog..I just relocated to Nigeria from the UK and is where I share my experience of all that is quirky Nigerian vs my UK experience as well as my passion for fashion, music and entertainment…

    Do check out my site and kindly add my blog too…


  5. I don't agree with everything said here- what about the alternate view? @ author- present the other side as well, that is necessary…and @ last poster- LOL.

  6. Hi all…post mostly poetry on my blog.

  7. Nice one,

    I really must commend the organisers of this project, I would like for you to evaluate other blogs that did not emerge winners so that they can be further worked up. What are the criteria for judegement of these blogs? Maybe it should be listed as well. Is it creativity, is it content, is it organisation of thoughts etc.

    I just learnt about blogging and it's fun, I have a new blog and I am not sure how it can be graded. Please let me know what you think of this blog

  8. I'm quite new on this terain but you can check my blog and drop a line. Thanks

  9. Bella Naija is the only site up there that I frequent a lot, so I'm not surprised it won.