1. What is a blog?

    For the purposes of the Nigerian Blog Awards, a blog is a website that contains posts (articles, entries) displayed in reverse chronological order. The posts can be words, images, or both. Readers should be able to interact with the blog by leaving comments or using a rating system.

    Job portals and websites for the distribution of music or movies are not blogs. If such sites have a blog component it can be listed on our website.

  2. How do I get my blog listed on this website?

    First, make sure your blog meets the definition above. Next, consider the following questions:

    • Is the blog written by a Nigerian OR does it have a primary focus on Nigeria?
    • Has the blog been updated in the last two months?
    • Is the blog open to be read by the public (no private blogs)?
    • Is the blog updated by six or fewer people?

    If you answer yes to all the above, then please LIST YOUR BLOG.

    Note: listing your blog does not submit it for nomination in the Awards. Please use the nomination form for that purpose.

  3. Why is [insert name of blog] not listed on this site, even though it meets the criteria?
    The list of Nigerian blogs on this site is not exhaustive. Efforts have been made to provide as complete a list as possible, but we recognize that not all Nigerian blogs are listed. If you see a missing blog, kindly direct the blog’s owner to our LIST YOUR BLOG form.
  4. How do the Awards work?
    The Awards are tweaked each year. Please check the tab for the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards for the latest information.
  5. How are nominees selected?
    During the nomination period, everyone is invited to use the nomination form to identify worthy blogs in each of the 27 available categories (for 2014). Each blog is visited and a shortlist of the 10 blogs that best match the description of the category they are nominated in (15 blogs for the category Best Overall Nigerian Blog) is created. These blogs are checked to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria for the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards. This shortlist is then trimmed down to five (5) nominees in each category (and 10 in the category Best Overall Nigerian Blog) by 200 randomly selected panelists, who will each be assigned 10 categories randomly. The blogs that receive the most “votes” by panelists are announced as the official nominees.
  6. How are the winners determined?
    A public voting period will take place and the nominees that receive the largest number of votes will be announced as the winners.