2014 Nigerian Blog Awards nominees

Your nominees for the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards are (listed in alphabetical order):

  1. Best Beauty or Hair Blog
    Blog about beauty, including hair care and styling

  2. Best Book, Poetry, or Writing Blog
    Blog about books, poetry, or writing, in particular the blogger’s original works

  3. Best Business or Entrepreneurship Blog
    Blog about building a business or entrepreneurship

  4. Best Career or Job Blog
    Blog about developing career skills or finding jobs (job board websites not eligible unless they have a blog component)

  5. Best Education or Instructional Blog
    Blog about schools, education, or about teaching readers how to do something

  6. Best Entertainment Blog
    Blog about the entertainment industry, including celebrities and gossip

  7. Best Faith-based Blog
    Blog about religious beliefs or themes

  8. Best Fashion or Personal Style Blog
    Blog about fashion, fashion design, or personal style

  9. Best Fitness or Health Blog
    Blog about healthy living, exercise, or wellness

  10. Best Food Blog
    Blog about food, cooking, catering, or similar

  11. Best Humour Blog
    Blog that is amusing or lighthearted in nature

  12. Best Inspiration, Motivation, or Personal Development Blog
    Blog about inspiration, motivation, or personal development

  13. Best Movie Blog
    Blog about Nollywood, other movie industries, or movies in general (movie download sites are exempt unless they have a blog component)

  14. Best Music Blog
    Blog about music, including lyrics, or the music industry

  15. Best New Blog
    Blog established between January 1 and December 31, 2014

  16. Best Nigerian News Blog
    Blog about Nigerian news or current events (not entertainment)

  17. Best Parenting or Family Blog
    Blog with a strong focus on parenting, family life, or the journey to become a parent

  18. Best Personal or Lifestyle Blog
    Blog about the author’s experiences, opinions, or lifestyle

  19. Best Photography Blog
    Blog about photography featuring the blogger’s own photography

  20. Best Political Blog
    Blog about Nigerian politics

  21. Best Relationship Blog
    Blog about getting, keeping, or losing romantic relationships

  22. Best Sports Blog
    Blog about Nigerians in sports, or sports in general

  23. Best Technology Blog
    Blog about technology, including information technology and mobile phones

  24. Best Topical Blog
    Blog with a clear topic (niche) that is not represented in any of the other categories

  25. Best Travel or Tourism Blog
    Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa, or elsewhere in the world

  26. Best Wedding Blog
    Blog about personal preparations for a wedding, weddings in general, or any industry related to weddings (such as wedding event planners or cake makers)

  27. Best Overall Nigerian Blog
    Best blog by a Nigerian, or best blog about Nigeria


  1. La Chica says:

    3. Jason Njoku
    6. Stella Dimoko-korkus
    7. Kisses n Huggs
    10. Dooney’s kitchen
    11. NaijaSingleGirl
    18. NaijaSingleGirl
    20. Sahara Reporters
    21. Kisses n Huggs
    25. TravelStart Blog
    26. Nigerian Wedding
    27. Stella Dimoko-Korkus

  2. MODUPE AIGBA says:

    6. stella dimoko-korkus

  3. MODUPE AIGBA says:

    27. stella dimoko-korkus

  4. linda ikeji

  5. Onwuka Blessing says:

    6- Stella Dimoko Korkus

    27-Stella Dimoko Korkus

  6. I luv her blog cos it gives hope 2 d hopeless

  7. Just casted my vote. It was easy to do. I choosed the irokoking guy, Gistus, naijasinglegirl, naijasinglegirl, techcabal and the nakedconvos. Those are the only blogs I read. Too bad BN didn’t make the list. Good job nba 2014.

  8. Just casted my vote. It was easy to do. I choosed the irokoking guy, Gistus, naijasinglegirl, naijasinglegirl, techcabal and the nakedconvos. Those are the only blogs I read. Too bad BN didn’t make the list. Good job nba 2014. Everybody talking about setlla dimoko blog. Let me check it out and come back to vote again.

  9. 6 and 27, Stella Dimokokorkus

  10. Genny Baby says:

    Please vote Stella Dimoko-korkus for categories 6 and 27.
    Than you.

  11. kubra Emokpaire says:

    Stella Dimoko-Korkus.

  12. Gistus, Naijasinglegirl and techcabal. Ogbonge blog was not nominated sad

  13. Bellanaija didnt make any of the categories???!!!!!

    • Bella Naija does not consider itself a blog and opted out of the Nigerian Blog Awards several years back.

  14. I vote Techcabal, Naijasinglegirl, Jason and Linda Ikeji.

  15. Javijabor says:

    Where is NigerianFinder.com, Abass Toriola certainly deserves to be on the list of nominees. Very informative blog and even commands more traffic than some blogs nominated here.

  16. didn’t see onreplaytv in the list. no one even knew when the nomination took place.

  17. We are not on the list yet and we just wonder when you will get to it. Thank you. our site is http://www.nigeriatunes.com

  18. What about http://www.amonpoint.com ????
    On of the best blog #list suck

  19. No moskedapages for literature blog? Una never start

  20. i vote notjustok , naijasinglegirl and fashionbybuti. No bellanaija. Omojuwa tslks too much

  21. Dance Shuga says:

    6, Stella Dimokokorkus blog

  22. 23. Best Technology Blog

  23. How come I learnt of this award today and voting just closed? Please I am voting Lailas blog in the entertainment category and Linda Ikeji in the best overall blog. she truly deserves it. Truly no 1 blogger in Nigeria no doubt.

  24. @ La Chica, u obviously have sumffin against linda ikeji…or how else do u explain completely leaving her out on ur list when she’s obviously the definition of blogging in Nigeria 2day

  25. What bullsh*t awards are you people organizing? what is the criteria? Tribalistic motherf***ers….hahaha!!!
    you’re better off closing this site cos you ain’t getting back-links from serious sites. This is just a joke and you can never be taken seriously.

  26. Really? Dnb stories and opus blog is not nominated in the writing categpry. you guys are not credible jor

  27. Please let http://www.matsecooks.com be on the food blog category in 2015 i was so disappointed not seeing it here. That girl’s got skills, style and an amazing blog.

  28. please where is http://www.pressplay360.net one of the best websites in the Niger Delta

  29. Good list to be honest. New blogs are coming up each day and I know the coming awards will see some new winners

  30. Did you take out the category of ‘best student blog’?

    • Yes we did—student bloggers are generally not blogging about student life, as a result their blogs fall into the other available categories.

      • Osunniran Abdul-Hakeem says:

        Honestly, hav nt seen a single student life ßlog, evrytin is jst chunk of sch and education news. WATCH OUT!!! Am start right soon. Just add me on facebook to know wen its out. “OSUNNIRAN ABDUL-HAKEEM”

  31. That’s not a fair conclusion. There are student bloggers that blog about student life and that category will encourage them.

  32. I recommend http://www.TaiSolarinBlog.com under Best Personal & Lifestyle Blog.

  33. I agree with your post the mentioned blog are indeed known and quiet resourceful though I expected Ogbongeblog to have also top the list…

    But I also consider http://www.seyiadesina.com/word as the No.1 Nigeria Inspirational Blog, the content are quiet inspiring and educative, they motivate you and encourages you where hopes seems dead

    Check it out
    Seyi S Adesina Blog! Nigeria No.1 Inspirational Blog

  34. wow what a wonderful list? hatsoff to the featured bloggers and winners. i believe in time to come, mine[ thinkdigest.wordpress.com] could be featured here. thanks.
    much love, George.

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