2013 Nigerian Blog Awards winners!

Did you tune in to our Twitter Awards show yesterday? If not, don’t despair, the winners are listed below for your convenience.

Before we launch into the winners, in response to questions we received during the Awards show:

  • Every year I see the value of rallying your fan base. The voting period was four weeks long this year and those who were sending tweets to their fans right until the end seemed to do well with regard to winning in the Popular Vote category.
  • Judges include current or past bloggers, those who enjoy reading blogs, and writers. Their work is to compare the blogs nominated in a category, and based on the short description provided for each category, select the blog in the list that best reflects the description. In addition to using their respective background, they are free to select the blog that speaks most to them within the criteria provided.
  • As we did in 2012, we announce both the Popular Vote winner (the nominee that received the most votes) and the Judges’ Choice winner (determined by a small group of judges who looked at all the blogs in a category before selecting a winner). We started this last year because we think there’s value in both:
    1. having a small group of people who will actually read some of the content in all the nominated blogs in a category before making a decision based on the content seen across the blogs
    2. a blogger rallying their fans and friends to vote for them

    However, this means we announced 58 winners this year, which is entirely too many, especially since we want to hold a live event in 2014. So, next year we will announce one winner per category, but we will arrive at a winner by taking into account both of the above ideas: we want to encourage bloggers to rally fans, but we also need a quality assurance element.

  • Bella Naija decided several years ago that it would not contend in the Nigerian Blog Awards.

But the real reason you’re here is below—please help us congratulate the winners!

Best Beauty Blog
Blog about makeup or other beauty products

Best Book, Poetry, or Writing Blog
Blog that focuses on books, poetry, or writing, in particular the blogger’s original works

Best Business or Entrepreneurship Blog
Blog that focuses on building a business or on entrepreneurship

Best Career or Job Blog
Blog that focuses on developing career skills or on finding jobs

Best Collaborative or Group Blog
Blog on any topic, written by two or more people

Best-Designed Blog
Blog that is visually appealing. Although the design can be based on a template, it must be modified from the original template

Best Educational or Instructional Blog
Blog that focuses on the education industry, or on instructing its readers through tutorials

Best Entertainment Blog
Blog about the entertainment industry, including celebrities and gossip

Best Faith-based Blog
Blog with a focus on religious beliefs or themes

Best Fashion or Personal Style Blog
Blog about fashion, fashion design, or personal style

Best Fitness or Health Blog
Blog that focuses on healthy living, exercise, or wellness

Best Food Blog
Blog with a focus on food, cooking, catering, or similar

Best Humour Blog
Blog that is amusing or lighthearted in nature

Best Movie Blog
Blog about Nollywood or other movie industry, or movies more generally

Best Music Blog
Blog that focuses on music or the music industry

Best New Blog
Blog established in August 2012 or more recently

Best News Blog
Blog with a focus on Nigerian news or current events

Best Parenting or Family Blog
Blog with a strong focus on parenting, family life, or the journey to become a parent

Best Personal Blog
Blog that focuses on the author’s experiences, or shares the author’s opinion on a variety of topics

Best Photography Blog
Blog that focuses on photography and includes the blogger’s original photographs

Best Political Blog
Blog with a strong focus on Nigerian politics

Best Relationship Blog
Blog with a focus on romantic relationships

Best Science or Technology Blog
Blog about science or technology, including information technology

Best Sports Blog
Blog that focuses on Nigerians in sports, or on sports in general

Best Student Blog
Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school

Best Topical Blog
Blog with a clear niche that is not represented in any of the other categories

  • Popular Vote: Free Naija Lyrics (Niche: Song lyrics)
  • Judges’ Choice: Emeka Talks (Niche: success, personal development, self improvement)

Best Travel or Tourism Blog
Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa, or elsewhere in the world

Best Wedding Blog
Blog that covers personal preparations for a wedding, weddings in general, or industries related to weddings such as event planning or coordinating

Nigerian Blog of the Year
Best overall blog by a Nigerian or best blog with a strong focus on any aspect of Nigeria

We thank all who participated by nominating blogs, voting for blogs, and chiming in during our Twitter Awards show. We will be asking for your feedback shortly, but in the meantime, please feel free to leave any comments you have. Each year, we strive to do better than the previous year.


  1. going through your list, I don’t see any category for blogs addressing some very vital issue, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, you promote n reward blogs on entertainment which r mostly copied n pasted, you promote fashion blogs, sports, cooking, even best designed blogs, and yet your group didn’t deem it fit to promote blogs educating individuals on domestic violence, rape n child abuse?
    These are issues in the news daily, it very sad your group has chosen to ignore this
    very sad indeed

    • You are right for your observation. even i couldn’t see money making, seo or affiliate niche blog which is the best blogging area. i stumble upon your blog and i love it…

    • If is domestic violence, rape n child abuse i will rather go for http://www.stelladimokokorkus.com

    • My friend, look well b4 criticizing d whole award. Didn’t u c best educational/instructional blog, best faith-based blog, best news blog? Eeh? Mtscheeeww. Na so una go jst dey talk rubbish. Meanwhile acting all soo interested in restoring morals and values, y don’t u go and open a blog and start doing so. Unu nogide nnoo, unu ana-akogheri. Okoto okwu. Mtscheeeww.

      • God bless you for this comment. But the blog awards can actually do something like special recognition awards yearly to blogs fighting for human rights and all that. It will be nice.

  2. Hello, am Glad am among the winners of this year awards..

  3. well, all is well

  4. I suggest it’s time you begin to tell us the prizes to be awarded to the winners instead of leaving us in the dark.

  5. well done to all the winners!

  6. Congrats to all the Winners this year, we all hope for such opportunity for those who are doing well with their blogs but are yet to win this.
    Congrats again :)

  7. I just missed this! wow, so it is going to be next year November before i can enroll into this again right?

    I would be glad to win this too. and congrats to all Winners

  8. Congratulations to all the winners!

  9. i went through all the awarded section.. And i find out that.. You guys are bais….. Atleast u should Av included Up coming Blog :..xo it can encourage them … Fot next Year!!!.. Anyway no Hard fellings.. Happy for those who won de Award…

  10. for career/Job site i will rather go for http://www.justjobsng.com it appears jobberman is there cos of its advertisng skill.

  11. I wonder who runs naijasinglegirl.wordpress.com and why it was not given an award This blog is the funniest blog in the world. I laughed till I was crying

  12. Let the blogs be judged by the duration of their existence, and what they were able to achieve within the short interval

  13. The Nigerian Blog Awards is a good initiative and am happy that one of the blogs I guest post for emerged winner. However, I need to know why nothing tangible is given to the winners. I see you guys have sponsors of some sort; why not give the winners at least a plaque!

  14. This guy should have been a winner. Funny stuff and very ‘traditional’ hahahah.
    This video he made on Youtube is the best I’ve ever seen hahahah.

    One Naija!

  15. There’s no category for motivational, inspirational or human development blogs…. not faith based or educational but moral building blogs that teach how to manage your emotions or general life building without making its basis religious. i believe they should be called motivational blogs.

  16. I think including a category based on the region the blog is based would carry every one along.eg north Nigeria or south Nigeria.