2011 Category Listing

Start nominating your favourite blogs on June 6, 2011!

Please read the following descriptions of the categories carefully to ensure that the blog you will be nominating fits the category it is being nominated for. Nominations that don’t fit the category they are nominated for will be discarded.

  1. Nigerian Blog of the Year
    Best overall blog by a Nigerian or best blog with a strong focus on any aspect of Nigeria.
  2. Best Beauty Blog
    Blog about makeup and/or other beauty products.
  3. Best Blog by a Blogger based outside of Nigeria
    Recognizes a blog whose author resides outside of Nigeria.
  4. Best Blog by a Nigeria-based Blogger
    Recognizes a blog whose author is based in Nigeria.
  5. Best Book, Poetry or Writing Blog
    Blog that focuses on books, poetry or writing, in particular the author’s original works.
  6. Best Collaborative or Group Blog
    Blog written by two or more people; can be based on one theme or cover a range of topics.
  7. Best Daily Read
    Blog that is updated frequently or that compels the reader to visit daily for updates.
  8. Best Designed Blog
    Blog with an appealing look, and preferably an original design. Although the design can be based on a template, the template must have been clearly modified to fit the blog’s overall theme.
  9. Best Entertainment Blog
    Blog about entertainment and/or the entertainment industry, including public relations.
  10. Best Fashion or Style Blog
    Blog about fashion, fashion design or personal style.
  11. Best Fitness or Health Blog
    Blog that focuses on aspects of healthy living or exercise.
  12. Best Food Blog
    Blog with a focus on food, cooking, catering or similar.
  13. Best Magazine or News Blog
    Blog that covers Nigerian news or current events.
  14. Best Music Blog
    Blog that focuses on music and/or the music industry.
  15. Best New Blog
    Blog must be less than 12 months old to qualify.
  16. Best Parenting Blog
    Blog with a strong focus on parenting or on the journey to become a parent.
  17. Best Personal Blog
    Blog that focuses on the author’s experiences.
  18. Best Photography Blog
    Blog that focuses on photography and includes photographs that were taken by the nominee.
  19. Best Political Blog
    Blog with a strong focus on Nigerian politics.
  20. Best Religion Blog
    Blog about faith, and/or religious beliefs.
  21. Best Science or Technology Blog
    Blog about science and/or technology, including information technology.
  22. Best Sports Blog
    Blog that focuses on Nigerians in sports, or on sports in general.
  23. Best Student Blog
    Blog by an individual currently enrolled in school.
  24. Best Travel Blog
    Blog about travelling within Nigeria, Africa or elsewhere in the world.
  25. Best Wedding Blog
    Blog that cover either personal preparations for a wedding, weddings in general or industries related to weddings, such as event planning or coordinating.
  26. Most Controversial Blog
    Blog with a focus on topics that are controversial in nature or spark huge debate.
  27. Most Humourous Blog
    Blog that is amusing or lighthearted in nature.
  28. Most Educational Blog
    Blog that is instructional, either teaching a specific skill or structured so that the reader can learn from it in more general terms.
  29. Most Inspiring Blog
    Blog deemed to be inspiring by the reader.
  30. Most Unique Voice in a Blog
    Blog with a unique “voice” and/or style of writing.

Categories that were retired or modified from 2010:

  • Best Personal Development Blog
    This category was incorporated into the new category Most Educational Blog.
  • Best Poetry Blog
    This category was incorporated into the Best Book or Writing Blog category due to a low number of nominees for both categories last year.
  • Best Use of Media, including Social Media
    This category was retired due to the low number of nominees.
  • Best Use of Theme
    This category was retired to make room for a new category.
  • Most Intellectual Blog
    This category was removed due to a low number of nominees last year.

Nominations begin in one short week so please come back on June 6, 2011 to nominate your favourite blogs!